Summer is in full swing and it’s time to make the most of July’s fantastic weather with all our favourite things like gardening, outdoor dining and BBQs.

Feed the lawn

For many of us the lawn is the centre piece of the garden. At Wilko, we have a fantastic range of lawn feeds to help maintain a healthy lawn. During dry weather it’s a good idea to raise your mower blade to allow the grass to grow a little longer- this will help keep it greener and help retain moisture.

Water difference a day makes

To maintain vibrancy throughout a warm, dry July, It’s important to keep the garden looking and feeling healthy. During dry spells however water is a precious commodity which should be used carefully and thoughtfully.

  1. Invest in a water butt– plants prefer rain water to tap water and it’s a great way of making the most of natural resources.
  2. Use a layer of Mulch- Apply a thick layer of mulch, compost or chip bark on soil between plants to help keep the moisture in and suppress weeds- win, win!
  3. Use ‘grey’ water- cooled bath water or washing up water can be re-used as long as its not laced with strong detergents or household cleaning agents and isn’t too greasy. Use on the roots only and avoid the leaves for best results.
  4. Attach a trigger gun to your hose pipe or use a watering can to preserve water.
  5. Always water your plants in the cool of the evening or very early in the morning, allowing the water to get to the root before it evaporates during the heat of the day.
  6. Apply water to the base of plants, where it can get to the roots quicker.

watering the garden in July

Let the outdoor fun begin

With all that talk of water and the promised sunshine it is a great time to embrace our outdoor spaces. Kids ( and adults) love being outdoors and we have a fantastic range of inflatable family pools and paddling pools to enjoy.

From as little as £3 there is something for everyone and remember the garden can benefit from the water afterwards by using it to give those thirsty lawns and plants a good drink.

If water isn’t your thing use paddling  pools to create a ball pool instead! Check out our fantastic range of outdoor toys and the rest of our blog for heaps of inspiration.

Safety First! Remember to always put safety first and never leave babies, children or non swimmers unattended near any amount of water.

Outdoor Dining

If the weather predictions are correct, July will be a month of cooking on the BBQ and packing up a picnic. You will love our range of BBQ’s and gorgeous picnic collections. Not only do we have a fantastic range of family sized gas and charcoal BBQ’s for those sunny day banquets, we also have a huge range of portable and disposable BBQs. They are simply perfect for picnics, days out or simply those last minute ‘quick while the sun’s out’ BBQs. When all the to do’s are done simply sit back and enjoy your surroundings and the great British weather. We have a fabulous range of gorgeous and practical outdoor furniture which will suit any outdoor space- click here to take a peek at our range of BBQ’s and outdoor furniture

patio set

Don’t forget the sun cream!

Always remember to stay safe in the sun by covering up and protecting your skin. In addition to hats and sunglasses don’t forget the sun cream– even on the mildest day the sun can be powerful.

July Check List

Fruit and veg
  • Continue planting vegetable crops
  • Peg strawberry runners
  • Sow oriental vegetables
  • Prune soft fruit
  • Remove suckers from fruit trees
  • Plant out leeks
  • Train, cordon and espalier trees
  • Divide irises
  • Pinch out chrysanthemums
  • Take cuttings from shrubs and alpines
  • Trim hawthorns
  • Remove seed heads from annuals
  • Feed perennials
  • Continue cutting weekly
  • Give it an extra water during dry spells
  • Look out for signs that it may need feeding
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