Our fab collection of make-up brushes are fantastic quality and lots of our lovely customers already agree! But with so many different shapes and sizes to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to know which one to use and when. If you’ve not tried them yet, or simply need help working out which one’s right for you, take a look at our guide to each brush and its use as a make-up bag must have:

1. Lip brush – often this type of brush is overlooked in a make-up bag but it’s an essential if you’re after a flawless lipstick or lip gloss application. The lip brush has a smaller tip than most lipsticks, allowing you to apply a much more precise layer.

2. Smokey eye duo brush – a two-in-one brush to create a smouldering smokey eye effect. Use the domed brush for applying eyeshadow and the slanted brush for blending and creating contours.

3. Eyebrow comb – this comb is dual-sided with a brush which is ideal for grooming eyebrows and a comb for separating and defining lashes once you’ve added your mascara.

4. Eyeliner brush – go for an angled eyeliner brush like this one so you can be really precise when applying and blending dry or wet eyeliner.

5. Eye make-up smudger – this is great for fine-tuning your eyeshadow and eyeliner once it’s applied. It will blend your make-up allowing for a less harsh look. Try using it after applying eyeliner to soften the lines.

6. Concealer brush – this brush is perfect for applying concealer to the under eye area or for spot touch ups.

7. Foundation brush – to ensure an even coverage, it’s always a good idea to apply liquid foundation with a brush. This one’s perfect and will give you a flawless finish every time. For a more ‘airbrushed’ look, go for the stippling foundation brush.

8. Powder brush – if you’d rather use a powder foundation as opposed to liquid then pick a powder brush instead. This has soft bristles and is shaped to make it easy to apply loose or pressed powders.

9. Blusher brush – no make-up bag is complete without a blusher brush and this one will give you a perfect, even coverage.

10. Stippler foundation brush Our stippling foundation brush is great for use with liquid foundations and highlighting powders, as it helps to create soft layers and adds texture.

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Keep it clean

It’s really important that you regularly clean your make-up brushes; once a week should do the trick. That way you won’t be transferring bacteria and germs onto your skin each time you use them and it’ll also help avoid clogged pores. Keeping your brushes clean will also leave them soft and supple so applying your make-up stays a doddle. They’ll take a few hours to dry so it’s always a good idea to start just after you’ve used them:

1) Pop a few drops of baby shampoo into a bowl and add lukewarm water.
2) Dip each brush into the water and swirl in a circular motion around the bowl. Make sure you only dip the bristles into the water and not the metal otherwise the water will eventually break up the glue that holds the bristles in place at the brush head.
3) Remove and rinse just the bristles under the cold water tap.
4) Re-shape the bristles where needed and leave to dry flat rather than upright so the water doesn’t run down onto the metal part of your brush (try laying them on an old towel so they dry quicker).

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