Here at Wilko, we’ve been doing a little bit of research into Britain’s decorating habits, and we found the living room is the most popular room to makeover, with almost 50 per cent of people choosing to redecorate this room the most.

If your living room is in need of a bit of TLC, but you don’t have the budget or time to completely redecorate, a feature wall is a cost-effective way to add personality, without being too overpowering.

Our expert’s tips on feature walls

We’ve got a wide range of bold wallpapers and great value tools to create a striking wall which will be the envy of all your guests.

Here, Wilko’s DIY and decorating expert, Drew Hutchinson, shares his essential tips and step by step guide to creating a feature wall:

“It may seem obvious, but the importance of choosing the wall itself should not be underestimated. Pick a wall without doors or windows and if possible, with interesting architectural features or a fireplace. It’s best if you can pick the wall with the largest area, however you do need to take into account the shape of the room. If the space you’re planning to spruce up is narrow, picking the longest side will only accentuate this.

“With any feature wall, getting it right is a balancing act. Although the aim is for your stylish design to be a focal point, it should not dominate the room. A key trick is to include a few upholstered pieces or curtains in the accent colour. It’s also essential to choose the right design. When it comes to feature walls, bold is better, so pick paper with a large, striking or textured pattern.”

Hanging Sustain wallpaper


How to create your feature wall

Once you have selected your wall and preferred paper, follow this step by step guide to create the perfect finish:

1. Prepare your work area, put down protective dust sheets and move any furniture away from the wall to give yourself space.

2. Ensure the wall is clean, dry and free from any old wall coverings.

3. Carefully measure the length of wallpaper required and cut to size. Only ever work on one piece at a time and leave a little extra for final trimming. When cutting the lengths, ensure the pattern matches up.

4. Lay the paper down on a pasting table and apply paste evenly to the reverse using either a brush or roller. Make sure you don’t hang it immediately, allowing the paste to soak into the paper.

5. Remember walls will often not be completely vertical so, using a spirit level, mark a straight, vertical line on the wall to use as a guide when hanging the first piece.

6. Start at one end of the wall and hang from the top before smoothing down with a hanging brush.

7. Ensure the paper is brushed tightly into corners and along the edges before trimming any excess.

8. If you do wish to also add a fresh lick of paint to the room, choose a colour which complements the wall.

Holden Curacao pink wallpaper

And Drew’s final tip for feature wall success?

“As much as feature walls can be a great addition to any room, ensure you only use them sparingly. The word ‘feature’ is key and it’s best that this decorating style is not adopted in every room in the house.”

Over to you…

Ready to create a feature wall in your home? Wilko has all the wallpaper and paint you need, as well as all the decorating tools necessary to give any room that added bit of personality.

We also have 20% off selected wallpaper and paint lines in store and online right now*, so get in while you can!

Looking for a bit of inspiration? Here are some of our favourite feature wall ideas (click on the images to enlarge and see them in a room):


Go full-on fabulous with florals, striking with stripes or pretty with prints – take a look at our fantastic wallpaper range online and in-store now.

Wilko Sustain green wallpaperRasch Manhattan silver wallpaperAdelphi red stripe wallpaper

Wilko Sustain green wallpaperWas £8.50, Now £6.80; Rasch Manhattan silver wallpaper** – £14.97; Arthouse Adelphi red stripe textured wallpaperWas £11.95, Now £9.56

Wilko Wilde chandelier wallpaperWilko Marcia red wallpaperMuriva Sophia purple wallpaper

Wilko Wilde chandelier wallpaperWas £8.50, Now £6.80; Wilko Marcia red wallpaper** – Was £8.50, Now £6.80; Muriva Sophia purple wallpaper** – £8.97

Wall murals

Want to really make an impact? Why not try a feature wall mural? We’ve got all sorts of different scenes, characters and images, for all the rooms in your house. Here are some ideas:

Forest wallpaper muralSlate wallpaper muralMonet wallpaper mural

1Wall Forest wallpaper muralWas £49.99, Now £44.99; 1Wall Slate wallpaper muralWas £49.99, Now £44.99; 1Wall Monet wallpaper mural - Was £49.99, Now £44.99


If you don’t want to try your hand at hanging wallpaper, a feature wall painted in a contrasting colour to the other walls in your room can make just as big an impact. Try these paint colours for size:

Wilko matt emulsion - After HoursWilko matt emulsion - WizardWilko Hot Gossip paint

Wilko silk emulsion paint - Rich RedDulux Feature Wall paint - intense truffleDulux Feature Wall paint - Proud Peacock

Wilko Statement matt emulsion in “After Hours” 1.25l£9.95***
Wilko Colour Blast matt emulsion in “Wizard” 2.5l£16.75***
Wilko Colour Blast matt emulsion in “Hot Gossip” 2.5l£16.75***
Wilko Colour silk emulsion in “Rich Red” 2.5l£13.95***
Dulux Feature Wall matt emulsion in “Intense Truffle” 1.25l£12.95
Dulux Feature Wall matt emulsion in “Proud Peacock” 1.25l£12.95

* offer ends 25th October

** available in other colours

*** included in above paint/wallpaper offer – 20% off marked price


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