Vlad McEerie’s back again, with another costume idea that’s perfect for your little ones this Halloween – witch and wizard hats! They’re super-easy to make and look wicked! So what are you waiting for? Here’s Vlad’s how to:

You will need…

  • 2 sheets of black or blue A2 paper
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • sticky tape
  • glue
  • ruler
  • decorations for your hat (think glitter, pom-poms, paint, sequins, coloured paper, paints, string, ribbon… the possibilities are endless!)

what you need to make your own witch or wizard hat

How to make…

Step 1. Using your ruler, draw 2 lines 18 inches long at right angles to each other on one of your pieces of paper. Connect the ends of these with a curve so you have an 18 x 18 inch quarter circle on one of your pieces of paper. Cut this out.

Draw a 1/4 circle shape and cut out

Step 2. Roll your quarter circle around on itself to make a cone shape. Measure it around your little one’s head (or your head, if you’re making it for yourself!) to check it’s the right size. Secure with sticky tape. Roll 1/4 circle into a cone & secure with sticky tape

Step 3. To make the brim of your hat, stand your cone on the second sheet of paper and draw around the base of it to make a circle. Draw another circle 3-4 inches outside of the first one so you have a ring shape. Cut this out.

Make the brim of your hat


Step 4. Make small snips around the base of your cone (about 1-2 cm apart and cutting 1-2 cm into the cone) and fold outwards.

Step 5. Dab some glue onto the tabs and, taking the ring shape you cut out earlier, place this around the cone shape so it sits on top of the tabs. Press firmly into place.

Attach the brim to your hat

Step 6. It’s time to decorate! Get the kids together and go mad with anything you can think of. The crazier and wackier the better! Vlad’s made a wizard’s hat covered in gold stars, and added pom-poms, feathers and pipe cleaners to his witch’s hat, but the kids can decorate theirs any way they please…

Decorate your hat

Vlad’s Top Tips

Why not try bending over the top of your witch’s hat for a crooked look?

Add hair to your hat by sticking lengths of wool inside the brim.

What Vlad used 

Wilko PVA glue

Zebra scissors

Wilko pom-poms

Wilko feathers assorted colours

Wilko mixed sequins

Need some more costume ideas? Check out Vlad’s favourites on our Facebook page, or take a look at our massive range of Halloween costumes over at Wilko.com!

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