Traditionally, the Christmas pudding is made on ‘Stir-Up Sunday’ which is 5 weeks before Christmas. On Stir-Up Sunday, families often come together and take turns mixing the ingredients, and make a wish. It’s also a good opportunity for the younger generation to learn how to make Christmas pudding!

Even if you don’t keep to the full tradition of Stir-Up Sunday, it’s a good opportunity to get the family together before the hectic Christmas period. This year it falls on Sunday 23rd November 2014 – put the date in your diary!

Before you start making your Christmas pudding this year, check out our fantastic recipe with step by step instructions on how to make a beautifully rich, moist and fruity Christmas pudding!

IMAGES – product shots of each equipment item

Equipment needed:

Wilko stainless steel saucepan with lid (20cm)
Baking paper
Wilko wooden spoon
Wilko large mixing bowl
Wilko hand blender set

Xmas Pub Ingredients

Step 1Xmas Pud Step by Steop

Chop the glacé cherries in half and put in a large mixing bowl along with the mixed fruit and orange zest.

Step 2

Place four slices of bread into a blender. Blend until you have a good consistency of crumbs.

Step 3

Add the breadcrumbs, flour, suet, sugar, mixed spice, salt and bicarbonate soda to the bowl. Mix together.

Step 4

Add the black treacle, eggs and brandy and stir well. This is where you can take turns to stir, making a wish!

Step 5

Grease the pudding bowl with butter and spoon in all of the mixture.

Step 6

To steam, first cover the bowl with a piece of baking paper which has a folded crease in the centre to allow for the steam and secure tightly with string below the lip of the bowl to create a seal.

Step 7

Put the bowl in a saucepan and fill with water until just below the string.
Steam for around 5 hours. Leave it to cool, prick with a skewer and pour in a little extra brandy. Cover with fresh greaseproof paper and retie with string. Store in a cool dry place until Christmas day.


Christmas pudding

That’s it! On Christmas day reheat the pudding by steaming it for about an hour, and serve with brandy butter, custard or a brandy sauce – delicious!

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