Halloween is fast approaching and whether the kids are excited to go trick-or-treating or you’re attending a fancy dress party, we’ve got everything you need to look absolutely spooktacular! From full costumes to masks that will help you to undergo a terrifying transformation, this Halloween is sure to be a fright to remember!

Warning: this blog contains some horrifying puns!

Trick-or-treating with the kids

Kids love nothing more than getting dressed up to go trick-or-treating and this year we’ve got a variety of costumes that will give them the spook-factor. Bloodsucking outfits can be found with our vampire and vampiress costumes, which boast gothic-inspired looks that will get some fang-tastic reactions.

And for toddlers we’ve got our cute pumpkin and skeleton costumes – we think they’re to die for!

boys vampire costume 2016 child pumpkin costume 2016 girls vampire costume 2016


Freaky fancy dress for adults

Serve your guests all the brains they can eat in our Dead Diner Zombie costume – perfect if you want to be the hostess that’s the grossest. Or you can transform yourself into someone frightfully funny with our Joking Jester outfit. However, people might not be howling with laughter when they see you in our Wicked Werewolf costume – complete with a freaky mask and with fur bursting out of the shirt, expect people to be weary of you.

Here comes the bride – but she’s an uninvited guest at this party. Attending from beyond the grave, this Ghost Bride will have guests turning as white as sheet as she floats around in her blood-stained dress look for her next unsuspecting victim.

wilko hallowen ghost bride costume wilko halloween jester costume

Frightful fun for all the family

Why not create the ultimate family portrait with our costumes for the whole family?

Meet the Undeads – Dad and Son are Team Zombie Footballers who seem to have lost their heads, or some of them at least. With exposed brains, blood-spattered tops and ripped trousers, there’s no rules on this football pitch. Mum and Daughter are cheering them on from the sidelines as Team Zombie Cheerleaders with blood-spattered pom poms. They might smile for the camera but don’t be fooled by these creepy characters.

wilko family costumes halloween 2016

Then there’s the Frankies – Mr and Mrs Frankie were part of an experiment that went horrifically wrong and they’ve since spawned Master and Miss Frankie. They’ve tried to stitch, patch and bolt them back together but the scars are still visible, making them a chilling family to behold!

Hair-raising accessories

No Halloween costume is complete without some accessories and we’ve got some hair-raising additions on offer. Our bear mask will have folks running for the hills because this isn’t an ordinary teddy bear – this one’s a brute and he’s not so cute! And don’t miss our wizard’s beard, perfect for adding some sinister sorcery to your costume.

Teamed with all of these costumes and accessories, we’re sure this Halloween will be a scream!
wilko bear mask wilko beard

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