In today’s world, we’re surrounded by home design programmes, magazines and online channels, which can make pulling a complete look together difficult. Interior design schemes can soon become confused, mixed and lost, especially when you’re trying to recreate one in your own home. But this needn’t be the case, because we’ve got the solution – our Enterprising Britain collection.

This trend effortlessly mixes different colours, patterns and materials together to create a stunning finish in your living space. Allowing you to mix and match the design details you like, it crafts a unique style in your home, and one that has all of the layers and attention to detail you’d find in a professionally designed interior.

It’s time to let your inner creative loose and embrace that inspired, artistic side you always knew you had!

Maximise the wow factor with wallpaper and paint

To truly unleash that inner boldness while introducing a hint of glamour into your living space, opt for the Arthouse Super Stripe Wallpaper. With stripes that vary in width and are made up of cool teals, soft oranges and sweet pinks, this has a wonderfully arty feel which will inject personality into your home. Use it to introduce a feature wall (the wall with the fireplace is ideal) or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, hang it up on all the walls. With its zesty, light touch it won’t make the room feel small and will instead create maximum impact – which is, after all, what this trend’s all about!


However, if you’re a fan of paint, you needn’t worry, because this same audacious look can be completed with just two paint colours. Our Cherry Fizz and Duck Egg emulsions are all you need to recreate this inspired style in your home. Simply paint one wall pink and the others blue; or, use the pink to highlight features (e.g. the hearth) and lighten the rest of the room with the blue.

Layer up with soft furnishings

Because the idea of this trend is to mix and match, you’ll need to use different textures, materials and colours when adding soft furnishings to your room. For example, when it comes to picking your cushions, consider matching the Jumbo Teal Cushion with the Aubergine Faux Silk Cushion before uniting them with the Floral Print Cushion. With these, you’ve got different layers of design, which will add to the overall impact of the trend while also creating a tactile finish.

The beauty of these soft furnishings is you can simply add them to your existing décor to brighten and uplift it. Because these striking blues, pinks and yellows work with neutral greys and beiges, you can instantly inject new life into your living room without having to have a complete overhaul. Simply drape the Plum or Duck Egg Throw (or both) on your sofa and add the cushions – arrange with style or throw them on to add an arty twist!

Be bold in the boudoir

If you want your bedroom to become a safe haven where you can retreat to and feel inspired, look no further than the stunning bedroom collection that’s part of the Enterprising Britain range. Boasting the same bold touches and floral details the main collection has, you’ll find elegant twists merged with imaginative, artistic pieces that will add instant panache to your room.


To really emulate that inventive feel, you’ll want to start with the same base we mentioned in the wallpaper and paint section above. Then, to bring it all together you’ll need the Riviera Floral Duvet Set (which is reversible with a cute, delicate design) and complementing Plum Chenille Cushion. These will bring your room to life at once while also creating the perfect place to escape to and enjoy lazy lie-ins.

Promptly finish this look off with the Pink Rose String Lights, which will add to the romantic ambience. And hang up the Heart-Shaped Memo Board, adding a nostalgic twist to it with your favourite photographs, tickets and postcards.

Add distinguished features with your accessories

The key to completing any scheme is the accessories. Matching the rest of your décor, these little touches will help to make sure your home looks like it’s jumped straight off the page of an interior design magazine.

To bring the large bold prints to life, opt for the Riviera Floral Canvas and the Riviera Floral Bunting. These are perfect for creating focal points in your room while also adding an on-trend vintage finish. And the set of 3D Flower Bud Vases are the perfect addition for your windowsill or sideboard, offering a unique, elegant touch that brings out more colours of the Riviera scheme. Finally, finish all this off with the Glass Candle Jar, which has the floral detail of the Enterprising Britain range on the lid. Not only will it slot in effortlessly with your décor but it’ll add a rejuvenating scent to your living space too.

2017_HOM_SS_LIVINGROOM_Enterprising Britain Living

There you have it! A wonderful interior design scheme that can be used to completely revitalise your home, or inject some colour into a room that’s starting to look a bit tired and dated. And you never know – you could discover your inner Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen or Linda Barker whilst you’re at it!

View the entire Enterprising Britain range online – and don’t forget to share your creative decorating skills with us on Twitter and Facebook!

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