Bedroom mess is a common household gripe and it can sometimes feel like there’s stuff everywhere you turn. Luckily we have come up with some different ways of storing your clothes, jewellery, makeup, the kids’ toys and other bits and bobs.

Space where you least expect it

There are lots of places to store items and keep your bedroom tidy, if your bed is raised from the ground and has space underneath then why not use it as a smart storage spot? Under bed storage boxes are slimmer than most so they can fit easily under your bed without getting in the way of your mattress. Wilko ones are also clear so if you have lots of things to store away you can easily see what’s in each box.

Wilko underbed storage box     Wilko storage box

Space on top of wardrobes is also great for storing items like bags or seasonal clothing; you might need a chair to reach the top, but these large storage boxes are perfect for larger items – just make sure you check the height of the space so you get the right box for the job!

Storing the little things

clear glass jar     white heart shaped wire basket

In your bedroom you might have a lot of smaller items like jewellery; perfumes and makeup that you want to keep organised and dust free. This lovely clear jar is perfect for storing hair ties and floral crowns or makeup like mascara or lipsticks. And this cute, heart-shaped, white wire basket is ideal for storing larger makeup items like foundation and perfumes and keeping out on your vanity table or chest of drawers.

Top tip: Make sure you don’t store makeup items in fabric lined storage baskets, plastic ones are best, so if you have any spillages you can easily wipe them clean.

floral cake stand    white cake stand    Wilko peg bucket

Storing jewellery right is key to keeping it all clean, untangled and safe, and there are lots of ways you can keep your treasures intact. Cake stands aren’t just for cakes, they make great, creative storage places, and this floral one is perfect for draping necklaces from and displaying your favourite earrings. There is also a plain white version too. And this Wilko peg bucket doesn’t just have to be for pegs, it makes a great makeup brush holder. It’s important to store makeup brushes upright so they stay clean and don’t harbour bacteria. The peg bucket also stores pegs perfectly as well!

Having fun tidying up

set of 3 bear storage boxesset of 3 robot storage boxesSet of 3 fairy storage boxes

Keeping your bedroom tidy is easier said than done sometimes and getting the kids to put their toys and clothes away can be tricky. With kids it’s great to make so called ‘chores’ into a fun game for them to play. These cute bear stacking boxes are a great place to store toys and there is also a fun robot version and a pretty pink fairy set too, so something for every little boy and girl. You can make tidying fun by setting up a race to see who can tidy the most items in a set amount of time and having a trip out or a sweet treat as a reward. Hopefully taking steps now to encourage tidiness will make them love to tidy as they get older!

There are lots of different ways to store items in your bedroom, so now there is no excuse to have a cluttered room. Don’t forget that Wilko’s have a great selection of storage boxes and drawers so take a look at the full range here.

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