Granny McEerie’s here again, with a new Halloween makeup how-to. This time it’s a ghostly bride…

Here’s how you can get the look for your party – over to Granny!

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Make sure face is clean and dryApply white face paintApply face paint around eyes

STEP 1 – Make sure the area you are applying the face paint to is clean and dry.

TOP TIP –Apply a base coat of foundation to ensure the face paint does not stain the face and is easier to remove.

STEP 2 – Wet a make up sponge and dip into some white face paint. Evenly cover the face with the white face paint.

STEP 3 – Mix some red and white face paint and apply, again with a wet sponge, to both eyes, all over the eyelid and underneath the eye (careful not to get it in your eyes!). Blend the colours together with your fingers.

Apply black & white face paintEye makeup closeupApply black liquid and pencil eyeliner

STEP 4 – Mix black and white face paint and apply, with a wet sponge, from the corner of the eye downwards into the bottom area of the eye (the bag) and blend into the red mix. Also, using a small brush, apply the black and white mix into the crease of the upper eyeball and blend into red mix again.

TOP TIP – For a stronger look, apply more colour using the brush.

STEP 5 – Use black liquid eyeliner and apply a line to the upper lid. Then apply either a black eye liner pencil or some black liquid liner to the lower eye lid.

Eye makeup close upApply black eyeshadow to cheeks to defineFinish with pink lipstick mixed with white face paint

STEP 6 – Apply a coat of black mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

TOP TIP – For darker lashes apply false eyelashes of your choice.

STEP 7 – Using a large brush, preferably a blusher brush,  apply black eyeshadow onto the cheekbone, from the corner of the ear  down towards the corner of the mouth. Repeat on both sides. Also apply down both sides of the nose for extra shadow and definition.

STEP 8 – With a lip-brush, apply pink lipstick to the upper and lower lip, around the lip line (do not fill). Then use the white face paint in the middle of lips and blend together with the lipstick using your fingers.

The finished makeup look

Ghost Bride makeup for Halloween

What Granny used

All you need to create this look is available at or in-store! Here’s what Granny used…

Collection 2000 makeup is available in selected stores.

In her next tutorial, Granny will be showing you how to create the perfect ghost bride hair-do to complete the look, so stay tuned…

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