Regular exposure to sunlight, humidity, sea water, chlorine and air conditioning can really take its toll on your tresses while you’re away – so while you’re relaxing and recuperating in the sun (and in the sea!), it might not be such a holiday for your hair!

If you want to know how to minimise any damage you do to your hair while you’re away, we’ve got some great tips – for before you go as well as while you’re there!

Before you go

To minimise damage to your hair while you’re away, it’s best to start thinking about it a week or two before you jet off! If you get your hair into tip-top condition before you leave, your healthy hair will be less susceptible to damage. After all, prevention is better than cure!

  • Deep conditioning treatments are the best way to strengthen your hair and prepare it for your trip away. Treat your hair once or twice a week in the run-up to your holiday for an extra-moisturising treat. We really like the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor or the Schwarzkopf Omega Hair Repair Mask.
  • If you’re planning to colour or perm your hair before you go on holiday, book it for a couple of weeks before you jet off. This will give your hair time to settle and give you a chance to fit in a few more conditioning treatments (so the sun doesn’t do even more damage while it’s still weak).
  • If you can, try to cut down on heat styling before you go away too, as the heat from straighteners or curling tongs will weaken your hair.

On your travels

  • On a long flight the air conditioning can dry out your hair, so drink plenty of water and stay hydrated throughout your journey to combat this. Not only will this help keep your hair from drying out, but it’ll also be great for your skin and will help prevent dehydration headaches too!
  • While you’re travelling, why not take the opportunity to really prepare your hair for the hot weather with a UV-protect serum, which will nourish and protect your hair for when you arrive. The high performance Ultimate Blends Marvellous Glow Oil can be a luxurious treat for your hair with Argan and Camelia Oils, as well as an all-important UV filter.
  • Save space (and weight) in your luggage by packing travel size products – or by decanting your favourite shampoo, conditioner and hair products into empty travel bottles. Our range of travel size products are 3 for 2 at the moment – perfect for stocking up before you go!

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Day out at the beach (or by the pool)

  • The best way to protect your hair is to wear a sun hat! It will protect your hair and scalp from the sun’s rays and will prevent heat stroke too. If you don’t want to wear a hat all day, aim to keep it on for at least a couple of hours around midday as this is when the sun is at its strongest and most damaging.
  • Rinse your hair as soon as you can after swimming, to wash out the drying sea water and pool chemicals. Most beaches and pools will have a shower nearby where you can quickly rinse your hair. Then when you’re back in your room later, wash it out well with shampoo to remove any remaining traces.
  • If you can, thoroughly wet your hair in clean water before going swimming (from the tap, poolside shower or a bottle), which will soak into your hair, preventing as much of the chlorine water being absorbed when you’re in the pool. If you’re going to be swimming a lot, consider wearing a swimming hat or covering your hair to protect it from the chemicals in the water.
  • Protect your hair during the day with a UV protection spray or mousse. To maximise protection make sure you apply it in the morning before going outside, and also remember to top it up during the day when you reapply your body suncream. The John Frieda Frizz Ease moisture hairspray helps to seal out humidity and combat frizz during the day, while protecting your hair with a UV filter. For curly hair, the John Frieda Frizz Ease Curl Reviver Mousse also contains a UV filter, and is designed to restore bounce to tired curls, waves and perms – ideal for the warm weather!
  • It’s really important to stay hydrated in hot weather. Drinking plenty of water will keep you feeling healthy, keep your skin hydrated, and help prevent your hair from drying out. When it’s hot, aim for more than 8 glasses a day.
  • Food is important too – what you eat makes a big difference to your hair. Our best tip is to eat plenty of fresh fruit. Not only will this give you a boost of nutrients, but it also helps you to keep hydrated in the summer heat.


  • Certain essential fatty acids are great for your hair as well, and can add strength and make your hair glossy. Otherwise known as Omegas 3 and 6, you can find essential fatty acids in oily fish (such as salmon, trout and mackerel), certain nuts and seeds (such as pumpkin seeds and walnuts), as well as lots of vegetables. Check out our Omega 3, 6 and 9 capsules if you’d rather take a supplement. It’s also worth taking a look at our Hair, Skin and Nails vitamin supplement which is a specially designed mix of multivitamins and minerals to help maintain healthy looking skin, hair and nails.

Letting your hair down

  • When it comes to the evening, you’ll want to wash all the sea and sand out of your hair, so give it a thorough clean with some shampoo, and make sure you work plenty of conditioner into the ends of your hair where it’s the driest. The Aussie Beach Mate Shampoo and Conditioner are designed to moisturise post-beach hair with Australian Macademia Nut Oil so they’re perfect for your holiday haircare routine.
  • For an extra hair boost, give your scalp a massage while you’re applying your conditioner. It will help improve circulation and encourage healthy growth.
  • Use an intensive conditioning treatment (like the repair mask mentioned above) as often as possible while you’re away, to counteract the damaging effects of the sun and sea. Even every night if you can!
  • If your hair becomes tangled by the wind (sea water, sun cream and sand can make tangling worse), use a wide tooth comb and start near the ends, combing gently down your hair and slowly working up to the top of your head. If you start at the top straight away, it will make the tangles so much worse, and will pull and damage your hair. If the tangling is really bad, work some conditioner into your hair before combing to loosen it up.
  • Try not to blow dry your hair too much and if you really have to, make sure you spray with plenty of heat protection spray, such as L’Oreal Elnett Heat Styling Spray, and keep it on a low heat setting.
  • We think holiday hair should be more about effortless styling, with a natural beachy look (which is easy to create without heat styling!). Create gorgeous beach waves with sea salt spray (the Schwarzkopf Beach Matt Texturising Salt Spray is ideal) – simply scrunch it into your hair and let it dry naturally!
  • If you’re going straight from the beach to the bar and want a quick fix for your hair, dry shampoo will help add volume to your roots, and with this handy travel size bottle of Batiste, you can just pop it in your bag for whenever you need it!

Don’t forget, you can visit our Holiday Shop online for all your travel essentials – from great value suncare and insect repellent to camping equipment and luggage!

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