Christmas is right around the corner and the kids have broken up for the Christmas holidays. Finding time to get the house ready as well as keeping the kids entertained is no mean feat! Here at Wilko, we’ve come up with an idea that’ll not only brighten up the home, but also keep the kids busy. Have a go at spraying your own fruit and create home-made festive centrepieces at the same time! It’s so easy, we’ll show you how…


What will I need?

Fruit for spraying

Cardboard box

Gold and silver spray or metallic paint

Bowl or cake stand

How’s it done?

  1. Get the kids to pick their fruit; apples, pears, pineapples, oranges and pomegranate are all ideal for your display.
  2. Pop the fruit in a cardboard box outdoors and apply a fine spray to each piece (it’s best for an adult to do this part). Alternatively, if the kids are keen to get involved, try using metallic paint to colour your fruit instead!

How to spray fruit

Now your dazzling creations are complete, all that’s left to do is give them a home. We’ve used our gorgeous red swirl bowl but you can choose another colour from our range here. A cake stand is also a great alternative and adds some height to your display at the same time. Impress friends and family during Christmas dinner by proudly displaying them as centrepieces. You could even create a few and have them dotted along the length of your table (just make sure there’s still room for the Brussels sprouts and roast potatoes!).

Top tip: Go on a foraging mission and add some ‘nature-inspired’ finishing touches. Get the kids wrapped up and venture outdoors on the hunt for twigs, pine cones, leaves and ivy. Take your foraged items home and spray them in the same way, then add to your fruit display at the end to create your unique centrepiece.

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