The start of the New Year is the perfect time to get your house in order so you can begin 2017 as you mean to go on! Get to grips with the clutter in your home with our space-saving tips.

Trawl through the toys

If you’ve got kids, chances are they will have received a mountain of new gifts this Christmas that are now strewn all over the living room floor! Now’s the perfect time to have a good sift through all their old toys and get rid of ones they don’t use anymore. Why not promise yourself that for every new toy they’ve received, you’ll recycle two unloved ones? Donate any unwanted toys to your local charity shop so you know they’ll go to a good home.

If the kids simply can’t bear to get rid of their toys, we’ve got plenty of clever child-friendly storage solutions. We love these stackable boxes, which come in fun dinosaur, fairy and robot designs. Tidying up has never been so much fun!

blue storage boxrobot storagefairy storagekids storage bin

Forgotten spaces

Have a good scout around the home for spaces that you don’t use. Maybe you could make use of the space under the stairs by adding a few shelves? Or could you put the space under your bed to good use? We sell a range of storage solutions designed to fit perfectly under your bed so it’s out of sight and out of mind!


underbed storageclear underbed storageblue storage box

Stylish storage for living spaces

Make use of that empty corner where the Christmas tree once was by investing in some space-saving storage. We love these storage cubes for instant organisation of everything from books and games to DVDs and photo frames. Fix three or four to your wall and get creative with your storage!

ladder storage  Clovelly Large Bookcase Greyscandinavia ladder bookcase

Suck it up

Vacuum storage is a great solution for saving on space. Bulky items such as duvets, pillows and bedding take up loads of space in cupboards but will shrink to four times their size with these clever storage bags, leaving you with more room to store your essentials. When the guests finally leave after the festivities, get all your extra bedding stored away to bring back some normality to clear some space. It’s also the best time of year to get organising your own wardrobe space. Have a good sort out and promise to recycle anything you’ve not worn at least once in the last year. Local charity shops will certainly be grateful for your donations and are often sending out bin bags to be filled at this time of year. To get your wardrobe shipshape once you’ve had a clear out, we love this shoe organiser and wardrobe organiser to keep everything in its proper place!

Outdoor storage

Giving your garage or shed a good clear out is probably really low on your to-do list at this time of year but you’ll be glad you did when you uncover storage space you never knew you had. Our huge range of garden storage solutions will give you space to store so much more. Try our garage storage solutions to tidy and organise all your paint, garden tools, ladders and everything else that needs a home! Our sturdy set of shelves are perfect for putting into the corner or on the wall, and they’re ideal for garages or sheds coming in a rust-resistant finish.

You’re now well on your way to a clutter-free new year! Do you have any more top storage solutions? Share them with us via our Twitter or Facebook page.

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