If you’re looking to pick up a new Christmas tree this year you’ll have a lot to consider. Do you choose a real or fake one? Do you go tall or short, wide or slim? Do you have the time to decorate it or would you rather it was pre-lit and pre-decorated? Do you only have a small space to fit it into or do you simply want something extra for the kids’ bedroom?

Have a look at our guide to picking out your Christmas tree and you’ll find your perfect match in no time!

Real vs. fake

One of the biggest benefits of displaying a real tree at Christmas is the gorgeous pine smell that fills your room. It’s also great fun going out to shop for your perfect tree as a family. However, it’s no fun picking up the pine needles from the floor every day and having to invest in a new one every year! These days you can pick up an artificial tree that’s so realistic no-one will be able to tell the difference! We love this 7ft Canadian Fir Tree which comes with a premium metal base and hooked branches for you to hang all of your decorations on.

Measure up

Make sure you pick a tree that will fit perfectly in its space. Take into account the height of your ceiling before choosing your tree (leaving a bit extra for the tree topper and stand). Think about how much space you have around your tree too. If it’s a bit cramped, a standard Christmas tree might be a bit of a squeeze; meaning a super-slim Christmas tree will tick all the boxes. Our trees start at a space saving 2 foot and go right up to a whopping 8 foot!

wilko christmas trees

Time savers

Save yourself some time during the busiest month of the year and choose a tree that comes pre-lit! With this 6 foot pop-up tree, you won’t have to worry about not buying enough lights to cover it, plus you’ll also have a set of decorations ready to go. Or if you’d prefer to personalise your tree, go for one that’s just pre-lit and buy your decorations separately.

Don’t forget the kids

If the kids don’t want to be left out of the tradition you could always pick up a smaller version for them to pop in the corner of the bedroom. Our 1.5 foot Christmas tree is small enough for them to decorate on their own and we’ve got a huge choice of decorations designed especially for little ones.  Or, for something quick and easy, pick up this colour changing 4 foot fibre optic Christmas tree.

Our top 5 Christmas trees

No matter what you’re after, we’ve a tree for every occasion. Here are our top 5…

Best Christmas tree for kids

Wilko 1.5 foot (45cm) Christmas tree – Its small size and pre-assembled branches makes it perfect for kids.

Best Christmas tree for small spaces

Wilko 6.5ft Green Glenmore Pine Christmas Tree – This Christmas tree will squeeze into the tightest of spaces making it perfect for smaller rooms or offices.

Most realistic-looking Christmas tree

Wilko Best 7 foot Canadian fir tree– Guests will struggle to tell the difference between the real thing!

Best hassle-free Christmas tree

Wilko 6 foot pop-up tree – Save time with this tree which comes with fairy lights and decorations.

Best alternative Christmas tree

Wilko 6 foot colour changing tree – This modern and stylish twig tree will create a unique focal point in your living space.

wilko 1.5ft treewilko slim treewilko fir treewilko slim tree 0439903_l

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