It’s thought that the tradition of carving pumpkins originated hundreds of years ago in Ireland, with people carving ghoulish faces into potatoes and turnips to frighten off evil spirits. And when Irish immigrants got hold of pumpkins in North America, the new Halloween ritual was born!

It’s a tradition we love – there’s nothing more exciting than getting together as a family, deciding on a design and helping to scoop out all those slimy pumpkin innards (which, coincidentally, make a lovely pie or soup).

Pumpkin-carving is a pretty essential Halloween skill, and one you can eventually pass down to the kids when they’re old enough to have a go themselves – though it’s not always as easy as it looks!

Here’s what you need

Pumpkin carving kit £1 – never blame your tools again with this functional carving kit

Illoom Pumpkin Balloons £2 – a safe alternative to candles, these balloons inflate inside your pumpkin to give a spooky glow (and you won’t have to worry about them blowing out)

Pumpkin carving kitLED Tealight


If pumpkin carving is a bit messy for you, or you’re short on time, try our gorgeous copper-effect terracotta pumpkin, natural terracotta pumpkin or silver-effect terracotta pumpkin. For a real splash of stylish indulgence at your Halloween party, choose the beautiful swirl of light pumpkin.

copper pumpkinTerracoota halloween pumpkinsilver pumpkin

To ensure you have the most spooktacular Halloween party ever, we’ve got some great pumpkin-themed ideas. This really cute pumpkin drinking jar will make your ghoulish potions even tastier. And to complete your Halloween decoration, our creepy pumpkin tinsel and these pumpkin pom poms are a must.

pumpkin drinking jarhalloween pumpkin tinsel

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