Introducing our New Naturals trend for Spring Summer 2016 – an eclectic range of colours and textures that evoke a true feeling of harmony and relaxation. Utilising earthy tones and natural designs, this range will add to the calming ambience within your home and will provide you with a neutral colour scheme upon which you can add your own personal touches.

Intertwining hearts, browns, greys and light, unfinished woods along with champagne golds, furs and woven materials, this collection gives a heightened sense of tradition, with subtle undertones of sophistication and serenity.

With a vast array of products available within our New Naturals collection, you can bring this natural colour scheme to your home in abundance. Perfect for those wanting to create an elegant, long-lasting theme, this selection boasts luxurious finishes that are great value.

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Wallpaper and paint

If you’re going all out with your natural colour scheme, a great place to start is the finish on your walls. Choosing something soft and natural for the walls is perfect if you like to add bolder accessories and our on deck matt emulsion would create the ideal backdrop. Providing you with a minimalistic colour, it brings a warming tone to the room that can then be complemented with browns, greys and blues.

If you like feature walls or want to add more texture to the room, the Super Fresco Milan taupe wallpaper will bring a distinguished touch. Oxidised to create a vintage feel, this wallpaper is perfect for adding a rustic twist to your interior design and will slot effortlessly into a range of colour schemes without detracting from your accessories and finishing touches.

Soft furnishings

Because of how versatile natural colours are, they present you with a timeless edge and one that you can continue to use with a range of different schemes. Bringing earthy, in-depth tones to your room they will help to add to the organic, pastoral feel and can be used within both traditional and contemporary designs.


An integral part in achieving the overall luxurious finish of your room will be dependent on the curtains you choose. These will ‘frame’ the window and help to create a statement piece, but always make sure they tie in with the rest of the colours, textures and style within the room.

When opting for the natural, country style, a textured fabric and light, understated colour is best, and our natural canvas curtains are ideal. Falling elegantly to the floor, they’ll help to add to the softness within the room, whilst providing a sumptuous finish to the windows.


If you’ve already got sofas or chairs that will fit in with the scheme, throws are a great way to add a touch of colour and are also perfect for covering any items of furniture that don’t necessarily complement the other colours.

Even though the name suggests it can just be ‘thrown’ on the sofa, there are strategic ways you can place a throw onto a sofa for maximum impact. If you want to achieve a sophisticated, styled look, try folding the throw and placing it on the back of the sofa or one of the arms; or for a more natural, effortless look you can drape it over the corner.

Our chocolate throw is the perfect match for a light coloured sofa, as it will add a dark, bold touch whilst the soft texture retains the comfy, relaxed feeling within the room. Or, if your sofa provides the earthy colour within your room, give it a gentle touch with our contrasting mink throw.

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Another fantastic way of accessorising sofas and chairs is by adding cushions – these can follow the same textures and tones as your throw, or, you can add further layers with other neutral colours and fabrics.

For lush, soft and luxurious finishes, our Mongolian cushions are a must. With their fluffy style and variety of colours, you can opt for ones that accompany your other colours beautifully. Opt for the grey if you desire a modern twist, the duck egg if you’re keen for a chic touch or the mink and natural if a minimalist style is what you’re searching for.

You can then add personal touches by using our patterned cushions such as the HOME printed cushion, the heart cushion or duck egg bird cushion, all of which will provide the perfect accompaniment to your other soft furnishings.


Bringing a practical yet country chic addition to the room are our Clovelly side boards and coffee tables. Available in rustic oak or vanilla and rustic oak, these traditional pieces of furniture also bring a sense of simplicity, allowing them to fit into a range of interior designs with ease. Then, add your own twists by using our exquisite range of accessories to decorate them, with everything from picture frames to vases to choose from.

Wall decorations

To pick out the colours within your scheme and to utilise the blank canvas of your wall, why not opt for some wall art and decorations?

Our new naturals canvas is a beautifully understated picture that will bring out the neutral tones within the room, whilst adding a unique modern touch to your wall. Or, if you’re wanting a bolder piece, our champagne gold mirror is just the thing.

Lighting and accessories

No room would be complete without lighting to add to the ambience and our button heart lamp cannot fail but to add a warm light as well as a pretty, stylish feature. Another fantastic way to add to the calming mood is through the use of candles and tea lights, which will help to provide a softer lighting.

Team this with quirky accessories that compliment the homely theme, and, for the perfect statement piece, opt for our wire love decor sign.

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