Keep your bathroom gleaming with our selection of products that make cleaning easy. We’ll have your sink sparkling and your taps tip top in no time!

Bath time — If your bath’s starting to look a bit grubby try OzKleen Bath Power Bathroom Cleaner for getting rid of water marks and soapy water build up. If you’re really struggling to shift the dirt, try filling the bath with water and scoop in a cup of Ariel Actilift Biological Laundry Powder and leave overnight.

Basin sense — To stop grime and limescale from building up, try and get into the habit of wiping down the sink each time you use it (use an old toothbrush to get to all those hard-to-reach places).

Shower power — If you’re fed up of scrubbing your shower, try Mr Muscle 5-in-1 Shower Shine. Simply spray and let it do the rest! And if you’re wanting to get rid of dirt around your plughole, scrub the area with Clear and Natural Bicarbonate of Soda or use Dri-Pack Liquid Soda Crystals multipurpose cleaner for a quick and easy solution!


Tip-top taps — The best thing to use on your taps is a good limescale remover – be sure to choose one that is suitable for use on taps, and always read the instructions before applying. Leave it to soak so that it has time to work its magic. A top tip for getting your taps extra shiny is to dab some toothpaste onto an old toothbrush and give it a good buff.

Toilets — No one likes cleaning toilets but to make the job as pain free as possible, fill your toilet bowl with Domestos Original Thick Bleach but then leave for a few minutes before brushing and you’ll find the dirt comes off much easier. If you’re still finding yellowish traces in the bowl try pouring white vinegar in, leave it overnight then flush.

Grouting — Our top tip for cleaning grout is to mix one part bleach and four parts water together for a solution that will leave it as good as new. For those stubborn stains, get stuck in with an old toothbrush. Stay away from abrasive scourers as these can damage your tiles. Alternatively, use Qep Grout Cleaner Trigger, leave for a few minutes so it can tackle the grease and grime, then simply wipe away.

Mirrors & Glass — The quickest way to gleaming windows and glass is to spray a little Mr Muscle Window and Glass Cleaner with added vinegar. The vinegar is the secret ingredient that gives you that extra shine! Finish by using a lint-free cloth to buff and polish.

FloorFloor wet wipes are ideal for cleaning floors and to avoid bending, attach them to a Wilko electrostatic floor mop.

Remember to use caution when handling household cleaners. Wear gloves, always read the label,  keep the area well-ventilated and always, always keep well out of the reach of children!

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